Truck and trailer services

MIGALUTO has a full trucks and trailers service repair and maintenance facility that performs work on all makes and models of trucks and engines. Our trucks and trailers repair and maintenance technicians have the experience and the tools for complex repairs.

List of trucks repair and maintenance services

Regular periodic maintenance

Electronic diagnostic repairs

Electrical and air system repairs

Brake and ABS repairs

Chassis and suspension systems repairs

Axle and driveline repairs

Exhaust and muffler repair

Lube, oil and filter changes

A/C service and repair

Tire balancing, rotation and alignment

List of trailers repair and maintenance services

Trailer Maintenance

Roofing Repairs

Door Replacements


Air Systems

Brake Systems

Coupling Equipment

Electrical Systems

Landing Gear

Major Collision Repairs

MIGALAUTO is dedicated to giving the absolute best trucks and trailers repair and maintenance services to our customers.

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